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Here is a precious testimony received from our patient who had been treated at the hospital.

I was born again: “I’m glad that I didn’t give up”

After the operation of adenomyosis, menstrual pain that I had been suffering from for a long time disappeared completely. I can say that this operation and hospitalization experience changed my “entire life”.

Twenty years ago, I visited a female doctor in Azabu since she had a good reputation. At that time, I had “mild menstrual pain”, and the diagnosis was “endometriosis”. She did not like when I asked questions. I came home with a prescription of a pain killer and did not know what was actually happening to me. Five years later, I was struggling with sever menstrual pain.

I visited several well-known university hospitals in Tokyo. Wherever I go, I received a diagnosis of either “endometriosis” or “uterine fibroids” with prescriptions of pain killers and hormonal drugs. The doctors did not give me enough explanations and looked annoyed when I tried to ask questions, and the nurses did not seem very sincere at these hospitals. Then, I met a doctor who carefully listens to my stories. He told me that only thing we could do was to either “remove the uterus or manage with pain killers”.

I was single back then, but hoping to have a child in the future. Therefore, I made up my mind and said “I will cure the uterine fibroids without removing my uterus”. Since then, I tried anything available including spiritual healings, Oriental medicine, alternative medicine, nutritional supplements, Chinese medicine, chiropractics and osteopathy. I had to try everything whenever I heard it might work and ended up in a huge debt.

I also found that a hospital in Yokohama can do operations without removing uterus and visited there with MR. They said however it would not be covered by the national health insurance and cost me 2,000,000 yen. Even so, the appointments had been booked out for the next one year, and the best I could do was to be in the waiting list. Unfortunately, I had to cancel it later because I couldn’t save up enough money.
It had been 18 years already since I was diagnosed with “endometriosis” for the first time. Meanwhile, I met someone who wanted to marry me and we thought about having children, but I had been told it would be very difficult to become pregnant in such a condition.

Around this time, I was suffering from severe pain almost every day. In addition to the menstrual and ovulatory pain, I had sudden lower abdominal pain throughout a month. Besides, tumor marker levels had been raised according to the blood test, and that made me worried very much as well.

Then I finally found the website of Kasumigaura Medical Center. I thought this might be the place which could save my life and read the patients’ testimonies over and over again. Then I made the first appointment with this hospital.

When I met Dr. Nishida for the first time, he said “I have no doubt that this is adenomyosis, and it is operatable”. He told me that severe menstrual pain would be relieved after the operation. I was very surprised because it was completely opposite of what I had heard so far at other hospitals.

I was hospitalized on March 1. The operation had been scheduled on March 3, and I was nervous about having the first operation in my life. But I made up my mind to give 100% trust to Dr. Nishida, as I always do so. I called my boyfriend before entering the operation room with a lucky charm in my hand, and said “see you later” to my family. I don’t remember anything after the doctor said “I will give you anesthetics”. Then, I heard his voice saying “it’s done. I took it out. Everything will be alright”. The operation time was 1 hour and a half, and the amount of blood loss was 140g. The amount of removed lesion was 174g.

After the operation, the doctor showed me the removed lesion and the uterus on pictures. By seeing this, I thought “it’s just impossible to cure such a thing, which invades deeply inside the stomach and adhere to the organ. I need to take good care of my body and uterus from now on”. I was discharged after 15 days.

After the hospitalization, I was very surprised with my new menstruation. I didn’t have any pain! I just felt something was tingling and a bit heavy in my stomach, and that was all. This was a menstruation without any painful sensation. The amount of bleeding was not too much either. I didn’t need a diaper, and a regular-sized napkin was just good enough. I used to fear about the sudden pain attack and had been carrying loxonin in my bag all the time, but I’ve never used that drug since the operation.

I got married right after hospitalization and now we’re trying to have children. I became pregnant once but miscarried unfortunately. However it is a proof that the operation was successful and I can become pregnant now. I would like to tell everyone who has been thinking about removing the uterus due to the same disease. Please don’t make that decision in rash and visit Kasumigaura Medical Center. You should try everything you can before you reach a conclusion. Please don’t give up!!

I’m truly happy now physically and mentally. Thank you very much. I hope you’ll keep saving the patients as many as possible in the future.