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Here is a precious testimony received from our patient who had been treated at this hospital.

My experience in Tsuchiura

“I didn’t know it was so easy”

This is how I felt when I had my first menstruation after the operation. So far, I’m not on any pain killers or using night-time sanitary napkins.

I had an operation called “adenomyosis enucleation” at Kasumigaura Medical Center, and it went successful. The postoperative course was excellent. I was even able to fly to New Caledonia and swim at the beach 5 months after the operation.

“Adenomyosis (of diffused type)” I wonder how many general hospitals or university hospitals I had visited all over Tokyo and its suburbs ever since I heard this word. Every time when I visit, the doctors said it’s too late to do anything but to remove the entire organ, considering my age. I had despaired of this disease at that time. I did not give up however seeking a treatment, and ended up visiting “Kasumigaura Medical Center” at last.

I had been enduring severe symptoms of menstruation, but I didn’t have enough strength left mentally and physically anymore. Every day, I kept searching blindly for the treatment. However, either drug therapy or hormonal therapy did not suit me, and Chinese medicine did not work either.
Even laparoscopic surgery was not possible with me. I refused to remove the entire organ no matter what, so I had to keep on taking low-dose pills and observing the course. Not many people would understand this suffer since this is such a rare disease. One day, one of my friends gave me information about a hospital, and I started visiting there for the treatment.

The disease, however, did not stop to progress, and we had to move on to the next step since there was a concern of developing thrombosis due to the side effect of the pills. At this hospital, several patients had received UAE operation, and a few of them achieved a successful result. However, this operation did not seem to be effective in my case. I was very discouraged knowing that there was no hope left. At this time, the doctor said “maybe we should try one hospital. I’ve heard that their advanced medical technique, high frequency laser treatment (later I found out that it was a high-frequency resection devise), has been recently approved by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, although we cannot offer this operation here.” Then, I finally found this “Kasumigaura Medical Center”.

Having a little hope, I made an appointment with Kasumigaura Medical Center. I was very surprised when I found “adenomyosis clinic” on their homepage. There is a hospital which fights against adenomyosis! I felt that my desperation had turned into hope.

When I first met Dr. Nishida, I was impressed by his sincere and honest response, and I thought he would definitely help me. He explained about the disease and the operation nicely and carefully. Adenomyosis enucleation of the entire uterus is definitely more difficult than normal operation, but he said “we can manage it” based on his previous experience. That was very encouraging news.

The biggest problem of my case was that the lesion had extended to the back side of the uterus, and the entire organ had been enlarged. In order to normalize the uterine size by reducing the volume of the foci, organ reconstruction seemed required. One fallopian tube had to be removed in this procedure, and I had to make this decision considering that there is still a chance of pregnancy with one fallopian tube. The operation was going to be performed under laparoscopic (open) procedure, so a scar might remain. Blood transfusion might be needed. There were just too many risks to consider, and honestly, I felt like I wanted to run away. However, I made up my mind to restart my life with “a hope to become pregnant one day”.

I was hospitalized two days before the operation. There was another patient who was going to be operated on the same day, so I didn’t have to feel so nervous. This tells that so many people visit this hospital from all over the country, seeking hope in this operation. In other words, there is no other hospital which is involved in the treatment of adenomyosis. The operation took about 2 hours. No blood transfusion was needed. The total amount of the removed organ was 490g.

Dr. Nishida visited me many times after the operation. He smiled at me and said “the operation was successful. There was not much bleeding, so we didn’t have to do blood transfusion. You will feel a lot better soon”. Two days later, I was able to get up from the bed. I could eat ordinary meals and take shower as well. I encouraged myself to walk around the hospital and did some stretching exercise as much as possible. After being discharged, I rested at home for about 2 weeks and regained my social life.

Although my uterus has been reduced to the normal size, it does not mean that all foci have been completely removed. Therefore, I became more health conscious so that it will not recur or be aggravated. I feel like I’m living in a new life with “a hope to become pregnant one day”. Dr. Nishida had operated 14 patients like me. There is no case reported about pregnancy after the operation since many of these patients did not have partners. I hope that in the future pregnancy rate will increase among women who have overcome adenomyosis.